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We’ve worked with architects, engineers and builders across the aerospace, automotive, construction, defence, healthcare, heritage preservation and mining industries

By applying 3D digital technologies we’ve positively transformed their training, workflows, quality control and maintenance.

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Accurate to the micron

Precision is critical, and delays are costly. Though we produce them quickly, our detailed 3D scans and computer models are correct within microns, so we can provide accurate data in near-real-time for frontline decision-makers.

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Our experts can bring portable laser scanners and specialist software to your worksite and provide fast feedback to optimise safety, quality and productivity. With large-scale Lidar scanning, we can quickly and accurately scan and digitise your entire site, building or plant.

3D printing

We also print 3D tools, parts, prototypes and architectural models, in a range of materials at high resolution and in full-colour, if desired.

Embracing Industry 4.0

Our 3D digital technologies empower designers, innovators and entrepreneurs to embrace the 4th Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and apply automation, artificial intelligence, the IoT, cloud computing and cyber-physical systems to grow revenue, reduce costs and ensure sustainability.

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