3D Scanning for Arts, Entertainment & Advertising Industries

WYSIWYG has more than 20 years’ global experience in the arts, entertainment and advertising, including dozens of feature film credits.

We’ve empowered artists, animators, designers and marketers to combine 3D digital technologies with traditional media for maximum impact.

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We deliver your preferred level of service, from raw data and images to re-topologised, textured and rigged 3D assets, with the highest security and quality. We generate NURBS and polygon files for import into programs such as Maya, ZBrush, 3DS Max, LightWave and Blender.

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Our expert operators can bring our portable 3D laser scanners, drones and 360° HDR camera array to you, covering all your cyber and lidar scanning needs onsite. For costume, art and VFX/SFX departments, we create precise digital doubles of actors, props and environments.

Digital archiving

We also safely capture 3D digital archives for archaeologists, historians, palaeontologists and other heritage conservators. We’ve worked at every scale, from tiny coins to Sydney’s Town Hall.

3D modelling

We manufacture premium quality 3D costumes, props, models and monsters, jewellery and sculptures, and produce accurate recreations, restorations and replicas for galleries and museums.

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