We’ve provided efficient manufacturing support to help businesses of all sizes develop, improve and reverse-engineer a wide range of products, parts and processes

Our state-of-the-art 3D digital technologies and skilled engineers can greatly enhance the precision of your design, tooling, machining and quality control, and enable rapid prototyping, repairs or alterations.

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Optimise Production Processes

Whether the requirements are to improve alignment and part placement, speed up tooling or maintenance, our 3D laser scanning solutions will help achieve production goals of increasing throughput and yield, minimising operational downtime.

Training Simulations Using AR/VR

For more realistic training simulation, we leverage cyber scanning commonly used in the gaming and entertainment industry to scan environments, props and military personal. 3D scanning can be combined with photogrammetry to create near-perfect 3D realism.

CAD comparisons

Using specialist software, we compare complex products, parts and tools to their original CAD drawings. From this we generate comprehensive inspection reports and recommendations for troubleshooting.

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