Keeping the region safe during everchanging geopolitical times is a challenge and it's why the defence industry demands speed, reliability and precision. It is critical to partner with a company that specialises in delivering fast, reliable and accurate asset digitisation - WYSIWYG3D

What we do is 3D scanning, digital modelling and 3D printing / additive manufacturing. We have the widest range of laser scanners and 3D printers in Australia and over 20 year’s 3D Scanning experience.

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Optimise Production Processes

Whether the requirements are to improve alignment and part placement, speed up tooling or maintenance, our 3D laser scanning solutions will help achieve production goals of increasing throughput and yield, minimising operational downtime.

Training Simulations Using AR/VR

For more realistic training simulation, we leverage scanning and photogrammetry commonly used in the gaming and entertainment industry to scan environments, props and military personnel. A hybrid of 3D scanning and photogrammetry is used to create near-perfect 3D realism.

Maintain, Repair and Overhaul with precision

Verify, repair and service equipment for military applications, re-engineer legacy parts or tools without delaying missions. Our flexible 3D scanner solutions servicing Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region allows you to check parts and physical objects during the production process. Parts can be scanned onsite with a range of scan outputs that integrates with many production solutions, improving speed of delivery and enhancing value from the moment of implementation.

Improve quality control

Stringent quality standards are pre-requisites for defence product deliveries and inspections have to be done efficiently to demonstrate expected performances, on schedule. Maximise conformance to specification, monitor and evaluate internal processes by minimising waste, improving LEAN production efficiency to maintain the competitive edge.

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