Using state-of-the-art laser scanners, we rapidly capture digital records of real objects, people (cyber scanning), buildings, sets and locations (lidar scanning) and create accurate 3D computer models of them.

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Portable scanners

Our scanners are portable, so we can come to you – across Australia, overseas, inside, outdoors or underground – or work in our Sydney premises, which accommodate objects with a footprint up to 10m x 4m and weight up to 2 tonnes.

Experienced staff

Our experienced staff will match the right scanner to your needs for scale, speed, accuracy, resolution, colour, etc. For example, our GPS-coordinated, vehicle-mounted lidar scanner is ideal for construction, road or rail projects, as well as movie sets and locations.

Versatile equipment

The varying capabilities of our equipment make us versatile. We can scan actors, archaeological sites, artefacts, artworks, body parts, buildings, consumer products, machinery and tools, mines, boats, aircraft, vehicles and their components, and more.

Efficient & effective

3D scanning is far more efficient and effective than traditional approaches to 3D recording, design and inspection. Our advanced technology and skilled operators will save you time and money and deliver a superior result.

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