Commercial 3D Laser Scanning in Melbourne

Advancements in laser scanning technology have come a considerable way over the past decade, with high-quality 3D models being utilised across a wide array of industries and professional utilities. At WYSIWYG 3D, our team utilises state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology to provide clients with functional, clear 3D digital records of their real-world counterparts. This can include:

  • Objects, parts, and components
  • People (cyber scanning)
  • Buildings, sets, interiors and geographical locations (lidar scanning)

So, whether you’re looking for a Melbourne 3D laser scanning and modelling service to do a one-off job or to assist with ongoing projects, WYSIWYG 3D is here to help. Contact one of our specialists today to get started.

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Portable Scanning Technolgy

Working with large objects or locations? To ensure that we can provide 3D scanning for a wide array of potential projects, our equipment and scanners are all portable. That means no matter where in Melbourne or Greater Victoria you might be, we can come to you, including work indoors, outdoors, and even underground. While our main office is in Sydney, we provide 3D laser scanning services across Australia and overseas, so we’ve got you covered wherever your projects take you.

Efficiently Effective 3D Laser Scanning in Melbourne

3D Laser scanning is by far the most effective and efficient way to accurately capture real-world objects. So, if you want the best of the best in terms of 3D data collection and modelling while also saving time and money to achieve those superior results, get in touch with WYSIWYG 3D today.

Experienced, Versatile 3D Scanning Professionals

With such a wide range of industries and utilities across Melbourne requiring scans, each job will naturally require slightly different methodologies to ensure the best final result. That’s why our experienced scanning specialists will be able to match your needs to the exact right scanner for the job. Factors that are considered during this process include:

  • Colour
  • Resolution
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • And much more

To ensure that each job is completed with the highest possible level of accuracy and care, our team is experienced in using multiple different forms of 3D laser scanning technology. For example, our lidar scanner, which comes vehicle mounted with GPS coordination, is an ideal choice for location-based projects, such as construction, movie sets, or even road and rail utilities.

This equipment also ensures that we can take on many specialised projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with standard 3D laser scanning technology. From body parts and actors to archaeological sites,  buildings, machinery, and more, our team is well-equipped for scanning in almost any context that may be required.


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