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3D scanning technology comes in a number of different varieties depending on the needs of the particular job, with LiDAR being one of the most widely adopted, versatile, and effective options on the market. LiDAR offers a simple, effective way of creating 3D images representing environments and structures. At WYSIWYG 3D, our Sydney team is experienced in and equipped with state-of-the-art LiDAR sensing and modelling technology, allowing us to capture and render high-quality models with incredible accuracy.

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What is LiDAR Scanning

The name LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, which should give a little insight into how the process works. LiDAR collects data by measuring and calculating the amount of time it takes for light, in this case, a beam, to bounce back off of an object. Through this reflection time, tiny changes in surface level can be detected which allows for an accurate 3D image or digital twin of the area or object to be collected.

Depending on the requirements of the situation, this data can then be used for anything from x-axis positioning to allowing systems to detect structures, sloping and differences in the landscape.

Why Work With WYSIWYG 3D?

When it comes to 3D scanning in Australia, you’re unlikely to find another service with the level of experience, dedication and professionalism offered by WYSIWYG 3D. Our team is well-versed in a wide selection of 3D scanning technologies and has a long history of providing exceptional results. Not only that, but our on-site team of LiDAR laser scanning professionals will be able to assist you with the capturing and modelling of any project you may require.

LiDAR Scanning is available across both our Melbourne and Sydney offices, so if you require stationary LiDAR services, then the team at WYSIWYG 3D has you covered.

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