We use the data from our scanners to rebuild the precise geometry of the scanned object in a 3D digital (computer) model.

Import accurate 3D models into Industry software such as Solidworks, Inventor, Rhino, Catia and more for further design additions or alterations.

We use our digital models to manufacture exact copies, enlargements or miniatures of real objects.

Through 3D printing, 3D milling (cutting, carving or drilling) and other techniques, replicas can be produced in a wide range of materials, including wood, foam, rubber, stone, plastic or metals.

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Custom digital files

We customise our digital files to industry-standard formats (e.g. STL, IGES and STEP) that can be viewed and manipulated with a range of software (e.g. Inventor, Solidworks and Maya). We can also optimise your file for 3D printing.

Reverse engineering

We also reverse engineer products or parts. We scan the item, use its measurements to generate 3D CAD and/or 2D drawings and deduce its production method so it can be accurately recreated.

Quality control

We provide efficient and accurate quality control. Our expert engineers will scan your manufactured item and use the latest inspection software to compare it with your CAD or 2D drawing. Within hours, we can pinpoint deviations from specifications, identify design or manufacturing problems and recommend changes in a comprehensive, interactive report. Our fast troubleshooting reduces your time to market, boosting your competitive advantage.

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