1914 Delage Engine

1914 Delage Engine Block

As there was no information other than the original engine, re-manufacturing was done using 3d scanning the original block, CAD modelling a virtual block, CAD modelling and 3D printing a sand mould, casting the block in a material similar to the original, and machining the casting to suit all the other retained engine components. To all intents and purposes – a clone

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Visual Effects – Halloween Mask

Visual Artist uses Cyber Scanning for Halloween Mask Paul Braddock, came to Wysiwyg 3D to make a mask for a Halloween Party. This was not any ordinary mask – Paul a Visual Effects Artist, Sculptor, and Illustrator by profession knew all the tricks of the trade. Having worked on numerous movies including Legends of the…

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Brigid’s Cross Bronze

3D Scanning and 3D Printing Brigid’s Cross 3D Scanned and made suitable to be printable (watertight), printed in PLA and sent to be cast in bronze. Brigid’s cross is a small cross cruciform usually made from rushes or, less often, straw. It comprises a woven square in the centre and four radials tied at the ends.…

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Game of Thrones dragon


‘Drogon’ from Game of Thrones uses 3D Laser Scanning The team from Gorilla Constructions met with the Wysiwyg3D engineers to find out how 3D scanning could be used on their next project. With a tight deadline looming the Game of Thrones star Drogon was the perfect ‘prop’ to use the latest in 3d technology. The more…

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Aussie Legends – Toyota Aurion

Aussie Legends use 3D Scanning How do you make a 5m long, 5 door passenger car fit a 3m long space frame racing chassis and still resemble the original car? This was the challenge set to Wysiwyg 3D when approached by Aussie Racing Cars. Toyota TRD had approached Phil Ward of Aussie Racing Cars to…

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